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Principles of Customer Service and Social Media: 2 days 

The WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme will give your staff the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent customer service that will give your business a great reputation. 
We know, that in an increasingly competitive business environment, you need to work even harder to retain customers and win new ones - and that's where we can help.
Through this interactive programme, we will get your staff to think about their own experiences of good and bad service, understand why their role has such an impact on your customers' experience and learn vital communictation and listening skills that will set them up for success.
What will I learn:
Your staff will learn
•    Why customer service is such an important part of their role
•    How to make an excellent first impression and make customers feel welcome
•    How using customers' names can help to create a good rapport and techniques for remembering names
•    Communication skills for success
•    How to empathise with customers and why handling their concerns is so important
•    Why listening is an essential part of the customer service process and how to do it effectively
•    The value of tourism, how to generate revenue for your business and undestanding wider tourism economy and the importance of social media
•    How to "go the extra mile" - including making five commitments on how they will do this in your business
Open Programme: £95 per person
In-company programme: £1,195 for up to 15 people

Funding is available for Royal Greenwich residents working less than 16 hours per week


Customers with Disabilities: Whole day (but can be run as Half Day) 

Disabled Customers are a huge market in the UK - worth an estimated £80 billion per year. If you want to make sure your staff have the skill to cater for their needs, our WorldHost Customers with Disabilities programme can help.
In this interactive programme, your staff will gain the knowledge and confidence to cater for disabled customers' needs sensitively and effectively. We will debunk some of the myths around disabilities and give staff tips and techniques on assisting customers with common disabilities and impairments - such as restricted mobility and hearing or visual impairments. 
Most staff don't set out to give disabled customers a bad experience. Often, they are worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, so avoid interaction altogether or their nervousness is mistaken for rudeness.
By giving your staff the confidence to make disabled customers feel welcome, you'll not only win their custom, but that of their family and friends too.
What will I learn:
Your staff will learn:
•    Appropriate words to use when referring to different disabilities
•    Tips for improving communication with disabled customers
•    Common disabilities that customers may have and appropriate ways to offer assistance
•    How to be more aware of their own feelings, misconceptions and biases when serving disabled customers
•    The value of tourism and why disabled customers are such an important market
Open Programme: £95 per person
In-company programme: £1,195 (for up to 15 people)
Funding is available for Royal Greenwich residents (working less than 16 hours per week or unemployed)



Service Across Cultures: Whole day (but can be run as Half day)
The WorldHost Service Across Cultures programme will increase awareness of other cultures and give them practical skills and advice to help them communicate effectively with visitors or clients from overseas.  
Making sure that your customers feel comfortable is a crucial part of the customer service process. But if there's a language barrier or cultural differences, it can be an awkward experience for staff and customers alike.
This programme is also great for improving internal customer service - especially in businesses that employ people from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. Businesses who have used this programme have reported better communication, understanding and working relationships within their own teams.
What will I learn:
Your staff will learn:
•    The importance of overseas tourism to your business
•    How their own culture and traditions can effect their view of others, and how to avoid making assumptions
•    Common myths about some of the UK's biggest overseas markets - and the truth behind them
•    Tips and techniques to help them communicate with customers if there is a language barrier
•    How to become a "people to people ambassador"

Open programme: £95 per person
In-company programme £1,195 (for up to 15 people)
Funding available to Royal Greenwich Residents (working less than 16 hours per week or unemployed)












COurses are located at:

Work and Learn Centre Chandlers Way North Greewich (right behind Emirates Airline) SE10 0GE


Note online maps may not take you to the right place - you need to get to Emirates Airline Cablecar - we are located next door)

Gllab The Old Library, Calderwood St Woolwich (opposite Sainsbury's in Woolwich) SE18 6QW


Courses can also be held onsite we all the resouces required to deliver pop-up training.





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